Phone/Number Questions

Yes. FGL Telecom Phone services use Digital voice, it works using the internet giving you clear sound and connection over the internet with additional features such as visual voicemail and call announcement.
Yes. You can bring your number to FGL Telecom. Simply use our Port My Number feature to bring your number to us – in the meantime, we can assign you a temporary number to enjoy other features.
Yes. If you wish not to port an existing number, we will gladly assign you a new number from our available pool. You make the choice from premium to local numbers, sequential or available area codes and rate centers, we are happy to assist.
Yes. We can connect our services to your mobile phone plan so you get to enjoy features such as; call groups, dynamic caller ID and multi-device on one extension.
Yes. You can travel around the world with your number as long as you keep your services with FGL Telecom, we will keep you connected to family anywhere. Certain restrictions, however, apply when you are outside Canada*. Please advise our technical support team if you wish to do so.
Yes. You can have a virtual number in various countries. Please call us on 1-844- RINGFGL for a quick set-up or email

Internet Connectivity Questions

Yes. For phone services, you’ll need a high speed internet connection such as DSL, Cable or Fiber.
Yes, for mobile phone customer, simply set up your Network Availability Number when signing up, and all calls can be forwarded to the number provided during an outage.

INTL’ACCESS/Calling card/International calling/Long distance

Go to Rates to view FGL Telecom low per-second calling rates to over 200 countries and locations.
If using FGLVOICE - Resident - you will need a FGL Telecom account with funds for international calling. If using FGLVOICE - Resident – with selected unlimited or freedom package – you do not need to add funds, as your minutes are included in the package. If using INTL’ACCESS product (calling cards) – you will need sufficient funds in your card/number/account. You can register your number with us for easy dialling. We will tie your PIN to your number so you can call international numbers immediately after dialing the access number (skipping the entering your PIN process). It’s that easy. To make a call, dial the access number you received with your account, you will then be asked to enter your PIN/voucher number (PIN number is 10 digits while voucher number is 15 digits) and then dial your destination number. If calling Ireland, user can dial 00353+number or 353+number {example Irish number 085-50-xx-xxx, you will dial 00353-85-50-xx-xxx or 353-85-50-xx-xxx}. The same rule applies for dialing Canada, that’s 1+number or 001+number {example Canadian number 416-xxx-xxxx will be dialed 1416xxx-xxxx or 001416-xxx-xxxx.
No. The only phone service you need is domestic calling within the your country If the calling plan from your phone service provider does not include nationwide coverage, you may want to check and confirm that calls to your FGL Telecom access number will not incur any additional cost.
You should use the access number assigned to you when setting up your International Calling service. Alternatively, you can use FGL Telecom toll-free access numbers: 1-844-4FGLVOX (1-844-434-5869). Please note that a 1.5¢ per minute cost applies when using toll-free access numbers.
Yes. If you are going to call frequently from another phone, you can register the phone number with your FGL Telecom account.
Log into your account and go to Reports.

The difference is how you are charged for your calls. When you use the Amazing international calling rate, the cost of your calls depends on the per-minute or per-second rate to the country or location you are calling and the length of your call


The longer the call, the more you are charged. You are charged for every call you make, and the charges are deducted from your calling balance.

Single Add-on plan provides unlimited calling to one or more selected country or location. For one low price, you can call the plan locations and talk as long as you like while the plan is active. There are no additional charges when calling your selected location.
Single Add-on Plan include one or more selected country, allowing you to call for hours to your favorite country. For those countries not included in the Single Add-on Plan, you can still enjoy countless of hours on the phone with our low rates.
Single Add-on minutes will reset every month with your subscription.
Single Add-on unlimited minutes is subject to fair usage. See Terms of Service.

Yes. You can cancel your plan simply by contacting customer service and giving 30 days’ notice. Please note that there are no refunds of the plan fee once you purchase or renew.

If you pay for plan on January 1 – you are covered up to January 31, if you call to cancel your plan on/from January 2-31 there are no refunds. Your plan will be cancelled for February.

Your Single Add-on Plan can only be used from the phone number you registered when you purchased the plan or when you set up your account.

Additional phone numbers you might have registered to share your Amazing international calling rate will not be able to use your Single Add-on Plan.

Yes. You can have both services. If you need to call countries not in your Single Add-on, you can add funds to your account for Amazing international calling rate.

For calls out of your Single Add-on Plan, cost will be deducted from your calling balance.

Login to your account to add funds or call our Customer Care if you need assistance on 1-844-RING FGL / 1(844) 746-4345

FGL Telecom reserves the right to restrict any user and/or phone number from using service if it is determined that the service is being abused or for any reason determined by FGL Telecom.

The following are reasons for restriction and are classified as abuse;

  • Business use (unless you are on FGLVOICE- Business long distance package)
  • Telemarketing
  • Crank calling or prank calling is not permitted
  • Modem use
  • Faxing
  • Autodialing equipment/predictive dialers
This service is for voice only.
if you are experiencing troubles with a call, we always recommend trying the call on another phone just to rule out a defective handset. If the troubles still persist, then please contact us and we can assist in resolving your issue.


When calling 911, the physical address provided during initial sign-up is used to route your 911 calls to a local emergency response center. Whenever you dial 911, your call goes immediately to your local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) and is answered by trained authorities in the emergency dispatch center that serves your area. If Traditional 911 methods are unavailable or fail, FGL Telecom sends your 911 call to the national emergency response center. Trained emergency response agents will then route your call to the appropriate local authorities.
FGL Telecom 911 emergency services operates differently from Traditional 911 emergency service, when you sign-up you’ll need to tell us the street address where you will be using FGL services.
No. 911 calls will not function in the event of broadband or power outrage, or if your broadband, internet service provider or FGL Telecom services are suspended or disconnected.
Enhanced 911 (E911) service automatically delivers your location and callback number to local 911 emergency services personnel. While E911 is the most advanced form of Emergency Dialing Service available, there are some limitations when it is provided by a VoIP provider such as FGL Telecom. Therefore, you should always have an alternative means of accessing emergency service.

You can update your address in your portal – online account manager.

You must update your address if you move (your device), it is important to always have your 911 address and contact information updated and current, as it will be used for reference when addressing 911 needs. If you do not update your address, your 911 calls may be sent to your old address.

You can only have one address on file per phone line. For assistance, please contact customer care.

No, 9-1-1 services are included all packages. In 2005, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications commission mandated that all internet phone service providers interconnected to the public switched telephone network offer E9-1-1 as a standard element of their residential and business offerings. FGL Telecom offers E9-1-1 in Canada.

Other Product/Sign-up

You’ll need
  • Internet connection use your own or sign-up with FGL INTERNET
  • Canadian billing and shipping address
  • Touch phone – cordless or corded
  • Credit card
  • Email address
Depending on services you’ve purchased. If you purchased our Long Distance Plan – you can use the service immediately If you purchased the residential or business phones services – once your order is received and processed, you can be using it in no time.

Billing Questions

Yes. All information entered and submitted is secure. FGL Telecom use SSL for premium security for all online transactions. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents via the Internet. SSL uses a cryptographic system that uses two keys to encrypt data − a public key known to everyone and a private or secret key known only to the recipient of the message
FGL Telecom billing cycle and services begins on the day you sign-up/create an account with us. Services are prepaid. If you sign-up on January 1, you are required to pay on January 1, the payment will cover you until January 31, next billing and payment period will be February 1.
No, but you can see your statement anytime by logging in to your FGL Telecom portal - online account manager. You can also see past and present billing activity and print copies of your statements to keep for your own records
Yes. Simple write to to give 30 days’ notice, or call us at 1-844-RING FGL (1-844-746-4345) to speak with our friendly Customer representative who can cancel your service within 30 days. Please be prepared to provide your billing information as it appears in your account and provide identical information in your email.


FGL Telecom can be contacted via Telephone, email and mail

Customer Care – Phone: 1-844-RING FGL (1-844-746-4345)

Sales – Phone: 1-844-4FGLTEL (1-844-434-5835)

Technical – Phone: 1-844-5FGLTEL (1-844-534-5835)

Accounting – Phone: 1-844-6FGLTEL (1-844-634-5835)

Wholesale – Phone: 1-844-7FGLTEL (1-844-734-5835)

Corporate address – 5700-100 King Street W, Toronto, ON, M5X 1C7, Canada

*Use of Canadian number outside Canada – please see terms and condition for restrictions

**Local number in various countries – please see terms and condition for restrictions


Please call us today and our sales representative will be happy to assist you.