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Give your business the convenience, reliability and competitive pricing that only an FGL Business Phone Line can provide.

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Get over 50 features and benefits not available from a traditional business system such as:

  • A Virtual telephone number widely available to help businesses remain local to their clients, vendors and/or partners
  • Keep your existing phone number with hassle-free switching from your existing phone company or choose a new one number today.
  • Enjoy additional features at no additional cost!
  • Expand your business with our range of flexible add-ons.
  • No contract, No hidden fees
  • Add only the features you need, including Voice Mail, Call Display, Call Waiting & Online Billing, and Reporting, etc…
  • Dedicated Fax line & unlimited local, long distance calls to landlines & mobiles in Canada and the U.S.

And a great line-up of other features to enhance your business phone service when you focus on your business.

Get one of Canada’s most reliable phone service for your business!

FGL telecom is so convinced that you will love the service, that we offer you a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee.

Call +1(877) 345-4685 


Fill out Your info above to Get a Free, No Obligation Quote Today!