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Back in 1947 it was decided that to make placing a phone call easier and more efficient that an area code system – a series of three-digit codes to be dialed prior to a phone number – would be introduced across North America. At that time, the Lower Mainland of British Columbia was assigned an area code of 604.

Over the years, the demand for new phone numbers began to exhaust that code though, and new ones have been introduced and overlaid into the areas covered by the 604 prefix in order to help cope with the demand. Area code 778 is one of these codes.

The 778-area code was introduced in 2001, making it one of the newest dialing options for phone subscribers in certain areas of the Lower Mainland. Although not as large as the still remaining 604 area code, ‘the 778’ does cover all of these towns, cities and communities:

• Abbotsford
• Aldergrove
• Campbell River
• Chilliwack
• Cloverdale
• Comox
• Courtenay
• Cranbrook
• Delta
• Duncan
• Fernie
• Fort Nelson
• Houston
• Hudson’s Hope
• Invermere
• Cache Creek
• Kaslo
• Kimberley
• Kitimat
• Langley
• Nakusp
• Nanaimo
• New Westminster
• North Vancouver
• Port Alberni
• Port Coquitlam
• Port Moody
• Powell River
• Quesnel
• Richmond
• Radium Hot Springs
• Saanich
• Smithers
• Sooke
• South Delta
• Sparwood
• Vernon
• Victoria
• West Vancouver
• Williams Lake

The geographical regions covered by the 778-area code are rather diverse, encompassing both lively city areas, tourist destinations and rural agricultural communities. Here is a look at just some of them:

West Vancouver – West Vancouver is mainly a residential district that is home to many people who commute to the City of Vancouver proper, as well as to retirees and young families looking for a quieter life. Heavy industry is barred from the area, meaning that the businesses that operate there primarily belong to the retail, hospitality and technology industries. Golf courses, baseball diamonds, community centres and libraries dot the area and now the fact that the region has a different area code to much of the ‘big city’ it has helped set it further apart from the noise and bustle and cement its reputation as a quiet, pleasant place to live and do business.

North Vancouver – Many who are not from the region do not realise that North Vancouver is a city in its own right, separate from the larger city of Vancouver itself, and that is something that the new 778 area code is helping to cement in the minds of the locals and the world.

Known in the past as a centre for the shipping industry, North Vancouver is now becoming best known as a movie production hub. As the home of companies like the Beresford Street Studios, who produce Marvel TV shows like The Flash, Arrow and Smallville, as well as a number of other innovative studios North Vancouver is helping establish the entire Vancouver area as ‘Hollywood North’.

Radium Hot Springs – Radium Hot Springs is a very small town – there are just 800-year-round residents – but it attracts many more in the form of visiting tourists all year round thanks to the natural hot springs it is named for.

The Radium Hot Springs really are very, very slightly radioactive, a state that occurred naturally, but they are perfectly safe to bathe in, if a little hotter than many of its counterparts across the world. Temperatures in the water can reach a very steamy 44 °C but a series of pools has been set up so that people can enjoy both the steam and a cooling dip in a natural river pool. As this area is one built on tourism, the introduction of the new 778 area code is helping the businesses there carve out and cement their identity.

Why Area Codes are Important

When the area code system was introduced in the late 1940s across North America the telephone had become the primary method of communication for most individuals and businesses. A lot has change in the last 60 plus years though and now there are many more ways for people to stay in touch. For many though the phone is still the quickest and easiest, especially when it comes to business communications. And an area code can be used to locate a business as easily as a postal code can. Therefore, if a company wants to establish trust as a local business operating in the area it covers, the 778-area code is an easy way to do so.

These days though you do not actually have to have a physical presence in a certain area to have a phone number there. Cloud based telephone systems offer individuals and businesses the chance to get a 778-prefixed number – or numbers – even if their base of operations is actually located many miles away.

Understanding the Advantages of ‘Cloud Calling’

Just as the area codes assigned to towns and cities across North America – and even the world – have changed, grown and been overlaid into each other to adapt to changing demands so have the demands on telephone communications. Now it’s not just a new residential or business landline that needs to be assigned a telephone number it’s also fax machines, cellphones, ATM machines, retail POS systems and more need them as well.

Internet powered, cloud based telephone systems are now being offered as an alternative to traditional systems that are tied to the local telephone company. And as they grow in popularity people – especially those running a business – are beginning to wonder if making the move to the cloud would be beneficial to them. If you are one of those people, here are some of the advantages a cloud based communication system can offer to you:

• Choose Your Own Phone Numbers – A phone number is as much of a part of a business’ brand as its address. By making use of an Internet powered telephone system you can actually choose the phone numbers you use – including the area code – at no additional cost.

• Build Your Own Network – Everyone – and every business – has a set of unique needs when it comes to a telephone system. When dealing with a traditional phone company opting for services that are outside of their ‘one size for all’ packages can prove very costly and even time consuming. When making the move to the cloud however it is easy to build your system your way, including adding ‘extras’ such as IVRs and auto attendants.

• Better Meet Your Caller’s Needs – People are busier than ever, and technology has enabled them to get things done a lot faster, leading them to expect that speed in all kinds of aspects of their life, including when they need to contact a business. They have come to take things like auto attendants for granted, and by adding such features businesses of all sizes can help serve their customers better while also enabling call handlers to deal with more complex inquiries in a more efficient manner.

• Easy Expansion – It is the goal of almost every business to grow. As businesses grow so do their operational needs, including their communications requirements. These are not always easy undertakings though. For example, let’s say you need to add a new phone line for a new employee. In the past that involved calling the phone company and waiting hours (or days) for a technician to be dispatched to install new wiring and new jacks. Adding a new line to a cloud based system however is almost instant – a simple matter of a few clicks and the installation of a USB capable head or handset.

• Do More than Make Calls – Text messaging, social media messaging, instant messaging, mobile communications, audio and video teleconferencing and more are all part of many of today’s business communications. A cloud based telephone system is more than that, it’s a full communication suite as it can also be used for these new forms of communications and more while also allowing you to keep track of it all from a single, easy to use dashboard.

Interested in the idea of improving your business’ communications, saving money and getting a number in the 778-area code even if you are not located there? We can help. No matter how large or small your business is – or even if you are simply looking for a better residential solution – you can get an internet based cloud communications system tailored to your needs. Contact us now to get started today and claim your 778 area code Today!