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When the North American Numbering Plan introduced area codes to North America in 1947 area code 437 was not among the original 86 planned areas that were devised by AT&T and the Bell System, the telephone company giants of the day. The 437 area is what is known in the trade as an overlay code, an area code that is brought into use when an existing one begins to exhaust, making it hard to find unique number combinations to issue with it.


The area that 437 area code was created to serve is currently one of the ‘hottest’ in North America, and indeed the world; the Toronto Metropolitan Area.


Of the three area codes that serve this growing region area code 437 is the newest, having only been in use since 2013, when it was ‘drafted in’ to help shoulder the burden placed on the existing area codes, 416 and 647.


The areas covered by the 437 area code are spread across the city, and often the new code is assigned to new business telephone lines and new mobile phone lines.


The Rise and Rise of Toronto


The reason that the 437 area code exists at all is that the previous overlay code – area code 647 – exhausted far more quickly than expected, as the demand for new phone numbers in Toronto far exceeded the original, rather conservative expectations. When the 647 area code was implemented in 2001 mobile phone use was still something of a novelty. They had been used by forward thinking business people for some time, but in 2001 they were catching on with the general public as well. By the time the iPhone debuted in 2007 owning a cellphone was quickly becoming a must.


All of these new cellphones needed a new phone number. Factor in the rise of the use of POS payment systems and the growth in demand for ATMS (yes, ATMS need phone numbers) and it’s not hard to see why the 647 area code needed to be supplemented again.


If you look at many of the polls and indexes that rate cities across the world you’ll see that Toronto is right there at the top – or near the top- of many of them. The city is known as one of the most vibrant in terms of both economic and cultural attributes and is home to one of the most diverse populations in North America. It is, some say, the ‘New York City of Canada’.


As busy as it is now, at the turn of the twentieth century the growing city suffered a terrible blow, The Great Fire of 1904 destroyed much of the downtown area of the city. Amazingly one person perished, but scores of homes and businesses were lost. This was, however, Toronto’s first chance to be an innovator, as the fire caused the creation of some of the most stringent fire safety guidelines in the world and the creation of one of the most efficient fire services.


Over 100 years later and there are few signs left that Toronto ever suffered any damage. Downtown Toronto is a hub of activity and many of the phones in use there make use of the 437 area code. In fact, the 437 area code is becoming a symbol of the city’s rapid growth and success. A business with a 437 area code can not only be easily identified as belonging in Toronto but also as being among the new innovators that are driving its growth.


What’s in an Area Code?


When area codes were first introduced 70 plus years ago they were merely a way to facilitate a new way to make calls. Since the introduction of the telephone, almost all calls had been placed with the assistance of a human telephone operator. People now wanted to bypass that inconvenience and area codes were one of the keys to the implementation of the direct dialing system that we all take for granted today.


Area codes have become more than that, like postal codes, area codes help people easily identify where the owner of a telephone number is located. For a business especially this can be very useful. Business branding is becoming more and more important all the time, and being able to establish a presence in the local market they wish to serve is easier to achieve if the phone numbers place it there.


How to get a 437 Area Code Number


Did you know that you don’t actually have to have a physical presence in the sections of Toronto it serves to get a 437 area code attached to your business or even residential telephone number? It’s not something that can be done via the local phone companies, but making a move to cloud based, Internet-powered Digital Voice telephone allows you not only to choose your own area code but also the next seven digits that go along with it.


What is Digital Voice or VoIP?


Digital Voice or VoIP, which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, it is one of the fastest growing new communications technologies in use in the world today.


Digital Voice technology provides your business with a reliable alternative to the expensive services of your local phone company or the kind of cable/DSL phone system provided by a cable company. It utilizes a broadband Internet connection to function and offers users the same functionality that you are used to; voice mail, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID and more, as well as a host of other advantages you may have never had available to you before.


Digital Voice phone systems often offer significant savings over a traditional phone system. Lower costs are not the only reasons that businesses and residential customers make the switch to Digital Voice based phone services. Businesses, even a business that is a home based one, find that Digital Voice allows them to offer far more to their clients and/or customers and their employees than they ever would have thought possible.


Advantages of a Digital Voice based phone system include all of the following:


  • Ease of installation – Unlike a traditional phone system there is no need to wait for a service person to come to install your phone system. With a Digital Voice based system installation is completed remotely, usually taking no more than a couple of hours at most.


  • Ease of maintenance – As all of the equipment and technology that powers a cloud-based calling system is stored at the provider’s premises there is nothing for you to maintain and no extra boxes and wires to clutter up your space.


  • Ease of expansion – As a business grows so do its communication needs. Even something as seemingly simple as adding another phone extension for a new employee can be a real hassle when working with a traditional phone company. That is not the case with a Digital Voice based business phone system. New lines can be requested and created with just a few mouse clicks and then all you need to do is choose the USB connected headset or handset of your choice.


  • Lower per call rates – On average per call rates with Digital Voice are significantly lower.


  • Lower rates to call internationally – Lower international calling rates allow even the smallest business to begin to develop a global presence.


  • Easy data integration – People communicate in many different ways these days and that is especially true in business. Mobile communications are obviously very important, but so is email, instant messaging, social media messaging, audiovisual conferencing and more. A Digital Voice based system can be configured to tie many of these technologies together, helping to make all of your business communications more efficient and effective.


  • Improved systems control – Making use of a Digital Voice business phone system allows managers, HR staff, and others to better monitor all of the communications that come into and go out of their offices. This not only allows for better employee performance monitoring, improved scheduling, cost control and more.


If you and/or your business would benefit from being able to offer your customers and clients a 437 area code number to call the time to act is now. Even though it is relatively new the 437 area code is already strained and it may not be too long before it too is exhausted and area code 437 numbers become very hard to get. Don’t forget, along with your new 437 area code numbers you will also be gaining a brand new Digital Voice based telephone system that can be used to build your business and ultimately build your bottom line.