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The 416 area code is one of the original 86 area codes issued under the North American Numbering Plan in 1947. Area codes were introduced as a part of a plan, jointly conceived by two big telephone companies at the time, AT&T and Bell Atlantic, to allow their customers to begin dialing directly, instead of having to place their calls via a human operator.


Area Code 416 – Toronto’s Mega Area Code


When it was first implemented, area code 416 covered the whole of the ‘Golden Horseshoe region’, an area of Southern Ontario that is considered to run all the way from Colborne, through Niagara Falls and into the Kitchener-Waterloo region. The 416 area code has since been split twice, and then in 1998 when redistricting created the ‘megacity’ of Metro Toronto the 416 area code gained a new title; 416 became the only Canadian area code to serve just one rate centre and just one city.


The demand for new phone numbers, not just for use for residential and business landlines but for cell phones, fax machines, ATMs, retail POS payment systems and more left the 416 area code close to exhaustion, and Canada’s first overlay code. Area code 647 was drafted in to help ease the burden in 2001 and it was joined by area code 437 in 2013. Yet, despite all of this the 416 area code remains one of the busiest and most sought after of all.


The areas served by the 416 area code is somewhat iconic as many who call Greater Toronto use it to identify where they come from. They refer to themselves as ‘416ers’, to distinguish themselves from the suburbanites served by the 905 area code. It’s a mark of how seriously some take their affiliation to ‘the 416’ that rapper Drake, who calls the area home, has the 416 area code tattooed on his rib cage!

The Glorious Greater Toronto Area


The Toronto Metro Area officially became the Greater Toronto Area in 1998. It is considered to encompass the City of Toronto itself as well as the four regional municipalities that surround it: Durham, Halton, Peel, and York. It’s the most heavily populated area in Canada with 5,928,040 people choosing to call the Greater Toronto Area home, according to the 2016 Census.


The number of ‘416’ businesses is rather impressive as well. The Greater Toronto Area now stands as the third largest financial centre in North America and is actually home to 40% of Canada’s corporate business headquarters. And although there are now other area codes available in the city, in the eyes of many it’s the 416 area code that is the preferred choice, were they allowed to make one when claiming new phone numbers.


As a city, Toronto has gained considerably over the past decade in terms of its place among the other major cities in the world. Take a look at some of the very impressive world rankings it was given in 2016:


  • According to Metropolis, a leading design and architecture publication, the Greater Toronto Area is the most livable city in the world. It also ranks number one on a similar list compiled by Price Waterhouse Cooper in regards to the best places to live and work in Asia-Pacific.


  • According to the Youth Economic Strategy Index, Toronto offers the best economy for young people – those aged 18-30 – to live and work in.


  • Toronto is in the top ten in the Global Financial Centres Index list of the worlds’ most influential financial centres.


  • Toronto ranks eighth out of 50 major global urban centres on the Safe Cities Index.


  • Claiming the best record for any North American city, Toronto ranks 12th on the Global Sustainable Cities Index.


  • According to the Best Student Cities ranking by Quacquarelli Symond Toronto ties for first place with Boston and Vancouver.


  • The How Global is the Business of Retail? Report ranks Toronto as ‘The Hottest Retail Market in the Americas’.

Arts and Culture in the 416 Area Code and Greater Toronto


Business is not the only thing booming in Toronto. Thanks to its extremely diverse, and increasing, population, the Greater Toronto Area is now acknowledged to be one of the finest cultural centres in the world, giving the 416 area code even more prestige.


Toronto is now home to Canada’s most diverse and active theatre scene, with more than 300 companies staging productions in the area every year, and it now stands just behind New York and London in importance as a theatrical centre in the minds of many. Add to this the number of world-class art galleries and museums, as well as some of the hottest sports franchises and you do indeed have something very special in terms of arts and culture for 416ers to enjoy.


What’s in an Area Code?


It would be easy to assume that in the 21st century, when so many people rely on so many different ways to communicate, and when the residential landline is fast being replaced by the personal cell phone that area codes don’t really matter as much as they used to. However, nothing could be further from the truth, especially when it comes to business communications.


As we’ve mentioned, the 416 area code boasts something of an iconic status in Canada, and especially in the Greater Toronto area. It was the original, the one people still most associate with the city and for a business having 416 area code numbers can be used as a huge business branding tool, as it places them as a member of one of the most prestigious business communities in the world.


The problem is that once again, the 416 area code is reaching exhaustion point and the local phone companies are decreasing the amount of new phone numbers with the 416 area code they give out. The thing many people do not realize however is that you don’t have to rely on traditional phone companies for your business and residential telephone system needs any more, and that by switching to a cloud-based, Internet-powered Digital Voice system you can pick the area code you want, including the 416 area code, without your business even being physically located in the area!


Why Make the Switch to Cloud Calling?


Being able to choose the area code you want is just one of the many advantages of making the switch from traditional PBX-based business telephone systems to a cloud-based, Internet-powered VOIP business telephone system. Doing so offers all of these benefits – and more – as well:


  • Reduced per call costs on every call you make, whether it’s local, long-distance or international.


  • Fast, efficient installation. As everything is installed and implemented remotely, there will be no lost hours waiting for installers to arrive at your premises.


  • No extra equipment cluttering up your space. Everything needed to power your VOIP telephone system is housed at your provider’s premises. No need to add extra wiring, cumbersome boxes or jacks to your own premises.


  • Use the hardware of your choice, as, as long as it has USB or wireless connectivity you can choose the headset and/or handset of your choice and so can your employees.


  • Seamless data integration. VOIP business telephone systems allow you to integrate the many other forms of communications your business uses; email, instant messaging, audiovisual conferencing and more, allowing you to monitor them all in one place to increase productivity and customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.


  • Ease of repair. Should something go wrong – and that is rare – your VOIP system can be repaired remotely, quickly and efficiently.


  • Ease of expansion. As your business grows it is easy and affordable to grow your VOIP business telephone system right alongside it.


If you are interested in gaining both a brand boosting 416 area code number or numbers for your business along with an upgraded business communications system, the time to act is now. The 416 area code is close to exhaustion and there will come a point when they are numbers attached to it will no longer be available. Call or contact us now, claim your 416 area code numbers, and a great new business telephone system now, before your competition does.