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Did you know that area codes can become exhausted? And that it’s not too different a process to the way in which a human becomes exhausted? Since they were first introduced in North America in 1947 three-digit area codes have aided communication and served as a geographical marker for the regions they serve. But those regions grow, the demand for telephone numbers grow and the area code simply runs out of viable digit combinations to assign. In other words, it becomes exhausted and help needs to be drafted in.


The 365 area code is one of the many area codes that has been overlaid with existing area codes to help meet the demand for new phone numbers. And that demand is growing, no matter where you are. People need new numbers for their new cellphones. Businesses need new numbers to reach more customers and consumers. ATMs and POS payment systems, fax lines and more all need them too.


In the case of the geographical areas that ‘the 365’ covers the demand for new phone numbers is especially high as it is a section of Canada that is booming, both in terms of population growth and economy. In this case it’s many of the towns, cities and communities that surround Toronto as well as places across that region of southern Ontario.


At the moment, the 365 area code is implemented in all of the following areas, alongside the older 905 and 289 area codes:

  • Ajax-Pickering
  • Aurora
  • Beeton
  • Bethesda
  • Blackstock
  • Bowmanville
  • Bradford
  • Campbellville
  • Castlemore
  • Cobourg
  • Gormley
  • Hamilton
  • Hampton
  • Markham
  • Thornhill
  • Milton:
  • Clarkson
  • Cooksville
  • Malton
  • Port Credit
  • Streetsville
  • Newmarket
  • Newtonville
  • Oakville
  • Orono
  • Oshawa
  • Oak Ridges
  • Snelgrove
  • Sutton
  • Uxbridge
  • Victoria
  • Welland
When compared to the two area codes it overlays the 365 area code covers far less ground, but that is changing rapidly. The 905 and 289 area codes are heading towards complete exhaustion very rapidly. The most surprising part? Such growth is still expected in the places that these three area codes serve that it’s currently projected that all three, including the very new 365 area code, will be completely exhausted by 2025.


So, what is so special about these places? Let’s take a look at some of those covered by area code 365.


Aurora – When compared to other cities covered by the 365 area code, Aurora is far from the largest. It is however, one of the top ten wealthiest cities in the whole of Canada. The average household income in Aurora in 2016 was $175,463, making it one of Canada’s most affluent communities, but very few of its permanent residents actually make a living there, as many commute out to Toronto or Hamilton instead, returning home to enjoy the semi-rural pleasures that Aurora has to offer them.


Much of the town is undeveloped, government protected greenbelt land. This means that homes in the area must be built to a very specific set of standards in order not to disturb either the natural beauty or the many historically important sites that remain in Aurora as well.


As all of the new phone numbers requested in Aurora are now assigned with the 365 area code, it has lent brought the new code something of an extra sense of prestige, something that smaller businesses are using to their advantage in terms of branding, especially in the competitive real estate and higher end retail markets.


Castlemore – Castlemore is a growing residential suburban community that lies just outside Brampton, Ontario and also offers a relatively easy commute to the heart of Toronto. For these reasons it has become another of the upscale residential communities that are springing up to accommodate the residents of the rapidly growing and economically dynamic larger cities in the area.


Castlemore is quiet, but not too much so, just the balance that those commuting to a larger city to work are often looking to come home to at the end of the day. There is kilometre after kilometre of largely unspoiled greenspace to enjoy and smaller retail outlets and restaurants are increasing in number as the town grows.


What Area Code 365 Could Do for Your Business


In general, the new or relatively new 365 area code is mainly being assigned to the rather affluent communities that are being developed to serve as bedroom communities for Toronto and other more urban areas. This does mean that there is a certain cachet building around the 365 area code, one that suggests wealth and luxury, and that can be a great thing to build a business brand on. As business branding is more important than ever before today, if the simple act of changing your business phone number’s area code can enhance it, why would you not give it a try?


Well, up until recently because local phone companies would not let you, you could only be assigned the area code that serves the location your business is based in. The advent of Internet powered, cloud based Digital Voice has changed that though. Now you could maintain an office hundreds of miles away from the prestigious areas served by the 365 area code and yet still appear to be very much a local company to residents, thanks to that 365 area coded phone number they can call.

There’s Even More to Cloud Calling Than You Thought …


Having the ability to choose your own phone numbers and area codes is great. But Digital Voice business telephone systems offer businesses of any size and even residential customers a great deal more than that.


In a nutshell Digital Voice technology provides your business with an alternative to the expensive services of your local phone company. It utilizes a broadband Internet connection to function and offers users the same functionality that they are used to as well as a host of other advantages they may have never had available to them before, mainly because they were too expensive.


Traditional phone service has been serving businesses for decades and it’s still pretty good, but Digital Voice technology offers the same, or greater, functionality for considerably less, something that any business owner can appreciate.


Breaking it all down a little further you can enjoy:


  • Lower per call rates


  • High quality sound


  • Easy to understand package pricing


  • No taxes, like all of those odd local fees you’ll find on your ‘regular’ phone bill.


  • Easy implementation and installation. Everything is completed remotely, there’s no need to wait days or even weeks for technicians to be dispatched to your location.


  • The freedom to choose your own hardware. As long as it’s USB compatible you can opt to make use of almost any handset or headset to take your calls.


  • Fast repairs. In the rare instance that something does go wrong repairs are made remotely, and very quickly.


  • Extra features galore; auto attendants, smart call routing and IVR systems. Customers enjoy the chance to save time by solving simple problems automatically and with Digital Voice based telephone systems even small companies can offer that convenience.


  • Easy expansion. Instead of waiting days for a phone tech to arrive to install new wiring and new jacks to add an extra phone line in a very specific location a cloud based calling system allows you to add one wherever a USB port is available in just minutes.


  • Ease of reporting. With a VIP system you can easily keep track of all of the calls made to and from your system from one central monitoring dashboard. This allows you to monitor and access employee performance, ensure proper compliance, cut costs, improve workflow and more.


  • Ease of integration. Via a Digital Voice system you can easily merge able to merge voice and data networks to track and monitor all of your business’ various communications – Skype chats, audio visual conferencing, texting, mobile calls etc.


  • Ease of mobile use. Taking your Digital Voice powered desk phone ‘with you’ is easy. Call forwarding is easy and efficient and you’ll be able to answer your phone on the go from anywhere and it’ll still sound like you are speaking from your desk.


Get Your 365 Area Code Today


As we mentioned, the area code 365 is gaining a reputation as a rather prestigious one. This means of course that lots of people will want one. We can help, by providing you with not only a 365 area code number or numbers, but also one of the most efficient and cost-effective business communication systems available today. But you’ll need to act fast. The demand for 365 area code numbers is growing, and remember, it’s projected they’ll all be gone by 2025. So, contact us today to claim yours now.