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Area code 343 is one of the newest area codes in use in Canada, having only been introduced in 2010. It’s an area code borne out of emergency necessity, as the area codes it overlays 613 area code and 819 area code became exhausted several years ahead of schedule, meaning that the need for a new area code was urgent and the 343 area code was implemented several years ahead of schedule.


What’s an exhausted area code? Almost exactly what it sounds like. The demand for new phone numbers in the area it covers begins to exceed the number of available digit combinations that can be issued. To deal with this, new area codes are overlaid into the geographical regions covered to help, which is why a single larger metropolitan area often encompasses several different 3-digit area codes within a few miles of each other.


The areas that the 343 area code was implemented to serve, which cover many of the communities in Ottawa as well as a portion of surrounding eastern Ontario, includes all of the following communities:



  • Alexandria
  • Alfred
  • Almonte
  • Arden
  • Arnprior
  • Avonmore
  • Bancroft
  • Belleville
  • Bourget
  • Brighton –
  • Brockville
  • Carleton Place
  • Carp
  • Casselman
  • Chesterville
  • Clarence Creek
  • Constance Bay
  • Cornwall
  • Crysler
  • Cumberland
  • Deseronto
  • Embrun
  • Finch
  • Foymount
  • Gananoque
  • Gilmour
  • Gloucester
  • Hawkesbury
  • Jockvale
  • Kanata-Stittsville
  • Kemptville
  • Kingston
  • L’Orignal (Champlain Township)
  • Lancaster
  • Madoc
  • Manotick
  • Martintown
  • Maxville
  • Merrickville (Merrickville-Wolford)
  • Metcalfe
  • Napanee (Greater Napanee)
  • Navan
  • North Gower
  • Northbrook (Addington Highlands)
  • Orleans
  • Osgoode
  • Ottawa-Hull
  • Pakenham
  • Pembroke
  • Perth
  • Picton
  • Plevna
  • Renfrew
  • Rockland
  • Smiths Falls
  • Saint Regis (Akwesasane)
  • Isidore 95, 490
  • Vankleek Hill
  • Williamsburg


As we have mentioned earlier, area code 343 was implemented in a hurry, well ahead of schedule, because the demand for phone numbers in the areas it was due to cover was increasing more rapidly than had been expected. So what is it about this area that led to that? To help answer that question here’s a look at some of the larger communities that now make use of the 343 area code.


Kanata – Kanata is one of the fastest growing of the suburbs that surround the city of Ottawa. But it does not simply serve as an overflow for Ottawa city workers seeking a quieter domestic life, it is an important place in its own right, thanks to the growth of some very innovative businesses in the area.


Kanata has, over the last decade, become a magnet for tech companies.  Nokia, Dell, Mitel, Bridgewater Systems, Solace Systems, AMD, Protecode, and Cisco, as well as a myriad of smaller startups are based in the area, many within the Kanata North Business Park. In fact, there are so many tech companies in Kanata that, since the mid-2000s, it has been known to some as Silicon Valley North.


It is this rapid growth of hi-tech in the area that was a major factor in the early implementation of the 343 area code. Any tech business needs more than just a few phone lines. It needs high speed data lines, fax machine lines, in many cases a large number of phone lines to handle incoming customer service calls. And all of these things need their own phone numbers, so it’s not too surprising that by 2011 the area codes currently implemented in the area just were not enough.


Kanata is more than just a hi-tech bedroom community though. It’s also a sports mecca to many as it is the home of the NHL’s Ottawa Senators, and as hockey is the single most loved and watched sport in Canada this is, of course, something of a big deal to a lot of sports fans. The Senators’ home, Canadian Tire Centre, lies in the centre of town and so also provides lots of opportunities for retail and hospitality businesses as well. It’s also a cultural mecca, with world class museums and art galleries and when the Senators are not playing they lend the Canada Tire Centre to some of the biggest names in music business to stage some rather spectacular concerts.


Smiths Falls – It’s not unusual to find that a single area code covers some very different communities, and that is the case for the 343 area code. For example, the town of Smiths Falls is very different to Kanata, but they share the same 3 digit dialing code.


Smiths Falls is small, it has a year-round population of just 8,978, but its natural beauty draws in visitors from Ottawa, the rest of Ontario, the rest of Canada and beyond. The big attraction is the fact that the Rideau Canal flows through the town, calling for four separate locks in three locations equaling a water lift mechanism of over 15 metres and for canal lovers, it’s an awesome place to visit. It’s also a great feat of modern engineering that is impressive to this day.


Do Area Codes Still Matter?


Telephones and communications in general are very different to the way they were back in 1947 when the very first area codes were introduced in Canada and the United States. Area codes themselves are very different too. Where there was once just a little under 90 of them to cover the whole of North America there are now hundreds, with more being added all the time.


In the case of the 343 area code it is very new, relatively speaking, so many might think that it does not carry the same weight and prestige as some other area codes. But in actual fact it does. The 343 area code was created to serve rapidly growing high tech businesses and thriving city’s, so a business with a 343 area code can easily use it to help position their brand as cutting edge and forward thinking, just like the communities served by the 343 area code themselves.


Sometimes people think that area codes don’t really matter too much anymore, but for a business they are a valuable branding tool when used the right way. People naturally prefer to do business with companies they feel are more trustworthy and in many eye that means a local company, and what indicates they are dealing with a local company? A local phone number! there is even a way now that it’s possible to choose to make use of a 343 area code number or numbers without actually having a physical office in the geographical areas covered by it.


Get the 343 Area Code You Need and Much More


If you were to call your local phone company and ask if you could switch your area code to one located miles and miles away the answer would almost certainly be no. Traditional phone companies simply do not offer such things. On the other hand, a cloud based, Internet driven Digital Voice business telephone system makes all of this, and much more, possible. Better still it does so at a price that is usually far more favorable than those you’ll be quoted by that traditional phone company that can’t quite give you what you need anyway.


Should You Make a Move to the Cloud?


If getting a number in the 343 area code is important to you and/or your business, there are great many more benefits to offer to those making the move away from tangles of wires, installation and repair hassles and confusing rate packages that are a mark of dealing with many traditional phone companies. In addition to getting to choose your phone numbers and area codes you can take advantage of all of the following as well:


  • A Digital Voice business telephone system can be set up remotely, in as little as a few minutes and at most a few hours. All of the equipment needed, with the exception of the Internet and USB connections you’ll need, are housed at your Digital Voice provider’s premises, not yours. No boxes, no jacks, no tangle of wires and no waiting for the installation guy to eventually arrive required.


  • Repairing any faults within a Digital Voice system is easy too. Any adjustments and repairs are made remotely, so you’ll not have to lose time waiting for a repairman to arrive and then disrupt your office while they work. Expansion works the same way. Need to add a new line for a new employee? Doing so is a matter of a few clicks and buying a USB enabled hand or headset.


  • Digital Voice users enjoy the same crystal-clear sound quality their local phone company offers and in some cases, it’s even superior.


  • Rates charged to make use of a cloud calling system are straightforward, affordable and understandable. And as they are not subject to all of those strange local and municipal taxes that your old phone bill used to be filled with you’ll save money there too.


  • It’s easy to integrate other communications softwares, including those used for audiovisual conferencing and social media messaging into your new Internet powered communications system. It’s also easy to add callers and employee friendly extras like auto attendants and IVRs at a very low cost and with a minimum of fuss and hassle.


  • Digital Voice systems make it far easier for HR and managers to control costs and ensure compliance as they can monitor all calls and communication records from a single interface accessible from anywhere there’s an Internet connection.


  • Digital Voice calling allows you to build a national presence with ease too, even if you are a smaller business. With telephone numbers from several different area codes in place in a single office you can make ‘local connections’ with people from all over North America without the need to move offices or open new ones.


Interested in a more efficient, affordable and reliable business or even residential phone system that comes along with a 343 area code number? We can help, but it may only be for a limited time. The locations covered by the 343 area code are still expanding fast and so is the demand for phone numbers. So much that it won’t be too long before area code 343 begins to exhaust as well. Claim your 343 area code number and a great new calling and communications system now, before your chance to do so is gone.